Name of Organization:

Zine Club at UW–Stout



Purpose of Organization:

Our purpose is to create a monthly publication that showcases the illustrative talent present in the UW–Stout community. It also allows students the freedom to create art tailored to their own personal tastes outside of classroom restrictions.

Why is this organization important to have on campus?

This organization is important because it provides a professional platform that emulates real world application and portfolio building for all members of the art department, and an opportunity to branch out and make connections across campus and the professional art world. It also gives non-art students the chance to do something they’re passionate about outside of their regular academic routine.

What type of student are you looking to have join your organization?

Our primary target is art students who have a passion for illustration, comics or design, but really we’d like to have anyone involved who feels like they would like to have their artwork published; however, there is an application process to becoming a member, but we do accept four non-member submissions each month on a first-come first-serve basis.

Why should students join your org?

Students should join our org because it allows for them to share their work with a wider audience and for them to work with different artists with varying styles. Also it just feels good to say that you’re “published.”

What do you do at org meetings?

We mainly offer critiques for submitter’s illustrations, but we also discuss the usual logistics of running a publication. How much should we print, how much will it cost, where should we distribute it, etc?

Do you hold events? If so, what are they/what are they about?

As of right now we offer monthly release parties at The Abbey where people are welcome to come and pick up a zine and to draw with the members. In the future we hope to have Skype interviews with notable zine publishers and artists.

Meeting location and time:

Thursdays at 7 p.m. in Micheels 184.

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