By Barbara Young —

Do you have a love for perfectly crafted Facebook messages and beautifully worded memos? How about document organization and creation? If you do, then check out the University of Wisconsin–Stout’s Professional Association of Communicators (PAC). The org focuses on networking with professionals in the communication field along with learning about and experiencing client-centered work.

The group begun by Lindsey Redenbaugh, PAC president, was created in 2014 when Redenbaugh and other Professional Communication and Emerging Media (PCEM) majors noticed a lack of student organizations with their major’s interest in mind.

“We knew we wanted something related to the PCEM major, but we weren’t sure what we wanted,” said Redenbaugh. “We started working with Professor Kate Edenborg to get it off the ground.”

Redenbaugh and a band of interested students worked together to create the org’s constitution and got it approved by the Stout Student Association.

“At a normal meeting we will most likely have a speaker related to something in the fields of journalism, freelance, public affairs or public relations,” said Redenbaugh. “We’re also looking to have tutorial nights for learning more about the Adobe products or coding. We even have clients come in telling us about their communication needs and getting students opportunities to complete work they can put in their portfolios.”

Besides weekly meetings, the group has put together a few larger events such as the welcome event to all interested students and the PAC Expo, in which alumni and industry professionals presented speeches on several topics. To cap off the week of the Expo, PAC organized a trip to visit Mill City Press.

As the school year is currently winding down, PAC’s final meeting took place on May 5. However, those looking to get involved should visit the booth at Backyard Bash next fall, when they will have a date, time and room selected for the year’s meetings. Or check out their OrgSync page for quicker updates.

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