Marisa Pollastrini-


North Hall

Mark Knutson (Sophomore)

“I’m pretty indifferent about it, although I feel like some of the furniture could be replaced. In comparison to the other dorms, overall, the building isn’t as nice or fine, but it has everything you need.”

First Impression: It’s alright, like most dorms

South Hall

Brenna Kempen (Freshman)

“I would change the water fountains because I want to feel like I’m getting filtered water. Also, the desks and dressers are old; I get splinters from them. I don’t really like much about it; it’s just a place to live.”

First Impression: Smells old


Carmen Chadwick (Freshman) 

“I wish there were no doors to the lounge because I feel like it is very closed off, so nobody really uses it. I don’t really like it.”

First Impression: Smells weird


Henry Mullen (Freshman)

“Almost everything in the building is brown and beige, which is not a color you want to first wake up to. If it was a light blue, it would feel like there was more space even though there actually isn’t. There is never WiFi in any of the lounges which is where you’d want to have WiFi.”

First impression: optimistic


Bridget Johnson (Freshman) *

“I don’t like the bathrooms because they are disgusting and really old, and I don’t really like that there’s only a small curtain that’s separating you from the world when you’re showering; I wish there was more privacy. I do like that we have new desks and drawers because they are a lot nicer than other buildings.”

First Impression: Oh gosh, this is small


AFM – McCalmont

Miranda Drewitz (Sophomore)

“I can’t really think of anything I don’t like about it; I guess the kitchens are usually really dirty. The rooms are very spacious and I like that there’s a kitchen on every floor; people use them a lot. The bathrooms are really nice.”

First Impression: It’s like a hotel and it’s really colorful



Joe Bergum (Freshman)

“I don’t really look for problems, but I guess I wish there were more sound-proof dorm rooms for those who play loud music early in the morning. I think the sizes are perfect for the desks in our rooms, and the lounges are very clean and relaxing.”

First Impression: Really excited