Josh Nehs –

The 2019 University of Wisconsin–Stout career conference has come to a close.

Stout continually seeks out companies looking to hire students for co-ops, internships, and full-time employment.

Despite the large number of employers and students, there are some that feel the Career Conference is not as beneficial for their degrees. Shelby Meixell, a senior in the business administration program said, “Most of the companies ask you to apply online, making you just a number. It’s hard to stand out when the employers are not interested in talking to you.” A company she was interested in turned her away, saying they were not hiring her major.

Kyle Baemmert, an environmental science major and freshman that companies looking at his degree were not looking for his focus. They were more focused on the health portion of it. When asked if he would attend another, he said, “If there’s more employers for my degree; next time, I will go back.”

Retail major Christina Pearlman said she had been to a UW-Stout career conference, but not the most recent one. Most of the employers hiring for her degree were interested in hiring for apparel or clothing. Within the same program, Curt Adams was able to find employment outside of the Career Conference.

Sydney Turner, a sophomore majoring in psychology said she did not attend because there is not a lot offered for her degree. She plans on attending in the future because it is required for her major to get an internship.

Throughout the student population, there are some that feel the Career Conference has nothing to offer them. In the future, this will hopefully turn change.