Anonymous –

To All the Jaded Residents and Students of Stout,

I have worked in Housing for the last three years now. I have a collection of stories to tell and I want the truth to be known.

While every organization and business have its issues, but I have never witnessed such dysfunction anywhere that I have here working at Stout.

The level of care that they take of the residents and their staff’s is abhorrent and should be known that they do not treat us well.

We work upwards of 30-40 hours a week for which we do not get paid or get any of the credit for. We are untrained in some of the most crucial areas including mental health and diversity.

Our staffs are not sure what to do when problems arise and when concerns are brought to central housing we are beat down and told no, admonished, or ignored completely. The very people we are supposed to trust and go to for help are the people that are ruining any drive we may have to do this job.

Just this last year I have witnessed them covering up several major events and working to make sure that no one finds out and that nothing is done. One of the things that has most stuck out to me is the suicide that happened in Fleming Hovlid Hall in November of 2017. I would be willing to bet that no one knows about this and I would be even more willing to bet that no one has heard of anything changing or additional training being done. Since that time there have been three more suicide attempts in that hall. This is not the fault of the staff but it is possible that if we were more well trained, that we might be able to help these people sooner.

Does anyone know about any of the racial events that have happened? Greek banner, Stoutnic, and others? I am sure that you do not, they are all covered up and swept away so that no one finds out and makes “too big of a deal of the issue.” We are told that “you cannot prove hurt feelings.” Even more disgustingly when students show protest and demand change, we are ignored.

To any student who is thinking that they want to get into housing, I urge you to reconsider. The job and its “benefits” are not worth the price you will pay. The amount of information alone that you hear about is enough to make you sick. The lack of training and problems will make you want to pull out your hair. The condescending people and the lack of care from Central staff will make you want to quit and never ask for help again.

Do not be fooled, this is not a place you want to be. If you want to help change students’ lives then I suggest you join an organization or work on being a better person. Each person has the ability to affect change and I can guarantee that any change you can make in someone’s life in housing it will not be worth the stress and pain you will no doubt incur to yourself along the way.


A fed-up RA


Disclaimer: This anonymous student submission does not reflect the views of Stoutonia.