Located at 603 Broadway St. is a hidden gem of Menomonie. Barbalynn’s Vintage is a market for unique clothing pieces that need a new home. A distinctive characteristic of this vintage store is that it is all-inclusive—a range of statement pieces for all genders including vintage t-shirts and dresses.

Maysa Maraia, the owner of Barbalynn’s Vintage

In an interview with the owner of Barbalynn’s Vintage, Maysa shared what inspired her to open her store. Maysa’s Grandma, the original Barbalynn, introduced Maysa to the world of vintage and resale at a young age. In addition, Maysa enjoyed dressing up in the antique items she collected with her grandmother and stored in her basement. Maysa returned to Menomonie, her hometown, after attending college for a short period of time. After returning to Menomonie Maysa was inspired to open her own vintage store similar to the one her grandmother had.

Maysa’s mission for Barbalynn’s Vintage is to create a safe space for others and to battle against the fast fashion problem in today’s society. Vintage gave a safe space for Maysa to explore her self-expression. Customers can find pieces that fit their styles and allow them to feel comfortable in their bodies. Sustainability is a huge part of her mission as well. Fast fashion has become a trend that has negatively impacted our environment. Cheap and poorly made clothes are easily disposable. When shopping at Barbalynn’s Vintage you will find quality clothes that last longer. Maysa describes her clothes as “Forever Pieces”.

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