Ryan Cook —


     It’s important to keep a level head. Take a few seconds to think about what you’re going to say before subtly vandalizing their half of the room.

     Revenge only makes things worse, so try to be as passive aggressive as possible so you’re technically not doing anything wrong.

     Put yourself in their shoes. After all, they took yours without asking first, so it’s only fair.

     Talking to the RA could be a safe and easy way to be labeled a snitch, and we all know what happens to snitches.

     Talk to your roommate one-on-one in a safe environment, such as a bowling alley or a Denny’s parking lot.

     There’s no shame in giving up and just trying to seduce them.

     Changing rooms might seem like a good idea, but think about how much work that would be for them.

     Above all, remember that they’re a person going through their own personal struggles, but your problems are definitely worse.

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