By Barbara Young —

Students returned to Menomonie to a strange sight this August. The old State Cinema 4, which used to play movies on the cheap, had been replaced by a cookie distributing company, Tank Goodness.

“It’s been nice to use the marque,” Lisa Buhr, owner of Menomonie Tank Goodness joked.  “For the month of September we’ve actually been opening the door. I made some giant cookies and ice cream cookie sandwiches that I’ve been selling out the door.”

While Tank Goodness does not normally have a store-front or sell cookies individually, Buhr has been opening her doors from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. each weekday until the big move.

But selling cookies to hungry college students isn’t Tank Goodness’s real goal.

“We got into this just wanting to have a venue for people to appreciate others,” Buhr said. “So we make people happy with cookies!”

Buhr’s delicious-business plan is short and sweet. A customer, hoping to show appreciation or just general loveliness, contacts Buhr via phone or email. The customer gets to choose between the signature chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter and snickerdoodle cookies. (This writer would like to vouch for the delicious gooeyness with “a little bit of oatmeal in it,” that is the popular chocolate chip cookie.) A date for delivery is decided and then, just before the delivery is due, Buhr bakes the cookies.

“I’m kind of a one woman show with baking and delivering,” Buhr said, “so to keep them warm you want to get them right out the door. So I can just leave my mess and come back to clean it up.”

In order to keep the cookies extra warm, once they have been transferred to their delivery box, Buhr places them in pizza delivery pouches.

The business has been in the movie theater since it began in March of 2013.

“The hardest part was finding a kitchen,” Buhr said. Because of this, when she found the industrial grade kitchen in the theater, she decided to set up shop.

“We’ve always been here. We were here even when the theater was running.  It worked out really well because we could come and go during the day and then the movies wouldn’t start until 6 p.m.”

However, the business is not in the old theater for good; it will be moving out at the end of September.

With the closing of the theater, Buhr feels it is time to move on to a smaller space for herself, but not to worry, Tank Goodness will still be located in Menomonie, they are just moving across town to Harmony River Living Center.

To check out the business go to their website,

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