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Among the numerous cases of violence breaking out between supporters and protesters at Trump rallies, a Wisconsin rally was recently added to the list. A 15-year-old girl got pepper-sprayed at a recent rally in Janesville, Wisconsin.

The girl was in a confrontation due to a man allegedly sexually assaulting her in the crowd. When she addressed the man, he denied it ever happening and started to yell at the young girl. This in turn led to her punching him in the face.

Seconds after the girl punched the man, a bystander aimed the pepper spray directly at her face and sprayed from only inches away.

A 19-year-old woman standing next to the girl also had direct contact with the spray, and both were taken out of the rally by security.

“Why does that even have to happen? I feel that there is way too much anger in Trump protestors and this just proves my thought,” commented Jessie Fleming, a student here at Stout. “If people act like this when they’re “supporting” him, how are they going to act when they follow him if he becomes the next leader of this country?”

The man who pepper sprayed the girl has not been found, according to Janesville police.

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