By Eric Koeppel

When one thinks of spring break, the first thing that comes to mind is a warm, exotic climate. However, why travel all the way to an exotic location like Miami when you could spend days perched on a comfy couch watching a crime drama about a serial killer who works for the Miami Metro Police Department?

For those who prefer a quiet trip to lazy town rather than a chaotic trek to a noisy beach, here are a few TV show recommendations for your binge-watching pleasure during the week off, all of which are available on Netflix, Hulu or iTunes:

1.     “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

This witty, new Golden Globe-winning comedy stars Andy Samberg as a childish detective in Brooklyn, N.Y. You get all of those classic Samberg shenanigans, but he’s only a small part of a hilariously dysfunctional ensemble cast. If you catch up during spring break, you’ll be right on schedule to catch the season 1 finale.

2.    “The Walking Dead”

Based on the comic book series of the same name written by Robert Kirkman, this adrenaline-pumping, horror drama follows an ensemble of zombie apocalypse survivors in Georgia. The show is currently on its fourth season, and the best part is there’s no school in the apocalypse!

3.     “Cheers”

There are 275 episodes of the hit 1980s sitcom “Cheers.” Totaling 105.4 hours—just shy of half the duration of spring break—it’s a big time commitment, but I dare you to try and stop watching once you get to those classic Woody Harrelson episodes.

4.     “American Horror Story”

Finally a horror series worth watching, and the best part is each season is its own mini-series. Season 1 is about a trippy haunted house, season 2 is about a crooked 1960s mental institution and season 3 is about modern day witches in New Orleans; take your pick!

5.     “Modern Family”

It’s rare for a show to be better than ever in its fifth season, but this sitcom focusing on three related dysfunctional families has somehow gotten progressively more hilarious over the years. Trust me, you will cry tears of laughter at some of Phil Dunphy’s ridiculous antics.

6.     “House of Cards”

Adapted from the BBC mini-series by the same name, this political drama starring Kevin Spacey has proven that Netflix can put out awesome content on par with anything you’ll find on television. Plus, you’re in luck: Netflix just released season 2!

 7.     “Bob’s Burgers”

Perhaps one of the funniest animated sitcoms since “The Simpsons,” “Bob’s Burgers” centers around the Belchers, a family of five that runs a hamburger restaurant, and offers witty jokes and amusing characters.

8.     “Too Cute!”

It’s a show all about baby animals… need I say more?

9.     “Parks and Recreation”

Whether it’s a show you’ve never seen or one you’re rewatching to cope with the recent loss of Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe’s characters, “Parks and Recreation” is always hilarious. It focuses on the hilarious group of characters that run the parks department in Pawnee, Ind.

10.  “Breaking Bad”

If you still haven’t seen this entire series, you’d better have a great excuse. I mean, come on, it’s about a high school chemistry teacher who turns into a meth kingpin!

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