By Eric Koeppel

On March 10, semi-local metal band Terraform released their debut EP, “Dream|Construct.” The members of Terraform are disbursed between Wisconsin, Iowa and Tennessee, but one member, Chris Galetka, is a current University of Wisconsin–Stout student.

Galetka has been playing all sorts of music since he was 14, starting with a more acoustic approach. However, for nearly seven years now, he has been playing bass in metal bands. In March of 2013, he helped form Terraform, a collection of musicians influenced by metal groups like Northlane, Structures and After the Burial.

“By July of 2013, demos were recorded and showed to Jake (vocalist) and I while we were on tour with our previous project, Our Judgment, with Facedown Records artist War of Ages,” said Galetka about the formation of Terraform. “Long story short, we had a flat tire and Nick Kelly (guitarist) came to our rescue! Our Judgment broke up in August of 2013, and we were recruited by the other three members to form Terraform.”

“Dream|Construct” was recorded in Des Moines, Iowa and Minneapolis and was mixed and mastered in Hollywood, Calif. Since the band members are spread out across the country, they had to take a different approach to rehearsing for the record.

“Recording the EP was a lot of fun, but very different for all of us,” Galetka said. “Our guitarists write riffs, they send them to us and everything is written around that. We then practice in the comfort of our own homes. Before we go to record or on tour, we meet in the neutral location of Des Moines, Iowa for 4 to 7 days, get a solid few days of practice in together and then get to work.”

“The response has been great,” said Galetka about the new EP. “We have had over 300 downloads after just two days.”

Terraform will be touring for the first time between June 7 and 21. They plan to play all around the Midwest and parts of Tennessee. They will be opening for Omaha, Nebraska-based metal band Superior for all 15 shows.

Visit to download “Dream|Construct” for free or you can pay $2 to download it and support the band at

Terraform will be playing at The Plus in Eau Claire, Wis. on June 21 at 8 p.m. as part of the Feed the Need event. Search “Superform Tour 2014” on Facebook for more tour dates.

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