If you were in Eau Claire, Wisconsin the weekend of March 4-6, you might have heard about the MidWest WeirdFest! This event is a film festival that celebrates horror, sci-fi, underground, avant-garde, experimental, and documentary films. 

The 6th annual MidWest WeirdFest brought their creations to the Micon Cinemas in downtown Eau Claire. Their venue allowed for a “dinner and movie” experience. While watching recent film releases, you could enjoy the food and beverages that they had to offer. The theater has an handicapped auditorium and restroom, and also features the latest equipment for the hearing impaired. 

The team members were delighted to present the filmmaker guests of the 2022 festival. They took part in introducing their films and partaking in Q&As after screenings. It’s a “unique” and “immersive” cinematic experience.

If that’s not enough, two members of the festival team have a podcast called “Talking Weird.” Join the founder and programming director, Dean Bertram, and paranormal researcher, Jenn Dorrell, as they engage in “strange, spooky, and fun” conversations with guests on every episode.