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Jeter-Tainter-Callahan Hall (JTC) on North Campus is scheduled to be remodeled. As discussed in the Halloween issue of Stoutonia, many students believe that JTC is in a dire state of disrepair and is slated to be torn down soon. At the time of the previous article, there was little official information on the empty residence hall. However, since then, Stoutonia was able to get in contact with Kathi Baker, the current director of University Housing, and she was thrilled to debunk the rumors.

In order to understand the plans for JTC, it’s important that students learn about the upcoming renovations scheduled for main campus. North Hall, a residence hall on main campus, is going to be completely demolished this spring. According to Baker, the building will close immediately after the end of the semester in May 2018. It is going to be completely rebuilt from the ground up, with renovations including a new basement layout, a basement level entrance (similar to McCalmont) and improved lounge spaces with new furniture. Aside from the cosmetic changes, the building will be getting entirely new heating and plumbing. Each floor will have its own kitchen and laundry room. The goal is to have North Hall open for students in the fall of 2019.

With this remodel, over 300 students that would normally live in North Hall will be displaced. This is where JTC comes in. Baker said that, “Years ago, there was the possibility of tearing down [JTC], but after extensive studies, it was determined that the building is completely sound.  It wouldn’t make sense to tear town a perfectly good building that simply needs a facelift.” Currently, the building is undergoing a renovation to prepare it for housing students in fall 2018. This renovation includes new paint, new furniture and new windows, among other things. The purpose for this is to allow University of WisconsinStout to take in the same amount of students it currently houses. Without pulling JTC back into operation, the North Hall remodel would force UWStout to turn students away.

One of the most pervasive rumors entertained in Stoutonia’s Halloween issue was that JTC has a slanted foundation and is sinking into the lake. However, Baker reassured us that the building is definitely not sinking and actually has some very lovely views of the lake.

The rumors of JTC being torn down were just that, rumors. Although the building is the oldest residence hall on campus, Baker said it is completely structurally sound and will be a great option for students next fall.

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