It has been a whirlwind season for my fantasy football team “The Dak Attacks.” For those that aren’t familiar, my fantasy football team started out the year as hot garbage. With injuries, poor performances and contract holdouts my best players weren’t playing.

Then suddenly, hope emerged as I won my first game. Then I kept winning, one after the other, and wouldn’t you know it, “The Dak Attacks” have made it to the championship round of the fantasy football playoffs. 

I thought that since my last update, I would give out some regular-season fantasy awards for my team.

For the first half of the season MVP, I’d like to give this award to the Patriots’ defense. They single-handedly kept me in three or four games that I probably shouldn’t have won. Even though they petered out the second half of the season, their contributions for the first half of the season will not go unnoticed. 

My second half of the season MVP will go to my team captain Dak Prescott. Even though he can’t quite keep his real team in games, he was undoubtedly keeping my team in my games. He only scored under ten points for me one time in the entire season, and every other game he was consistent. He earned us points when we needed them the most.

The “Woah Where did that Come From” award goes to the person that shocked me the most with their play this season the award goes to Chris Godwin. I remember drafting Chris Godwin thinking he was going to be a good replacement option but, au contraire. There were five different times this season where Godwin scored above 25 points and about another 6 times where he scored approximately 10 points. His performance was unexpected and certainly deserving of this prestigious award.

The award for game saving moment of the year goes to someone who saved the outcome of a game with one performance, Julian Edelman. I remember it like it was yesterday, even though it was last week. A loss would knock me out of the playoffs, and I was losing by ten points. I had one player left to play, and it was Mr. Edelman. Edelman, during that game against the Texans, ended up scoring 27 points and secured my position into the playoffs. 

This season didn’t turn out how I expected it too, but I suppose as the old saying goes. Don’t give up, not even if it’s fantasy football.