Elizabeth Vierkant–

The Stout Student Association (SSA) recently held their election for the 2018-19 school year at University of Wisconsin–Stout. This election began on March 26, at an event called “Dips and Debate,” where candidates for vacant positions were able to speak with students.

At Dips and Debate, Vice President and Clerk of Elections Elle Alvarez asked the many candidates questions about the positions they were running for. “Overall, the election went really well this year.” Alvarez said.

Before the election, SSA worked with the Applied Research Center on campus to ensure that the survey was secure and dispersed properly.

“We also hosted several marketing campaigns to encourage people to run for positions and vote, such as handing out free coffee and hot chocolate in the MSC (Memorial Student Center) on Mondays,” Alvarez said. Posters were also put up around campus to advertise the election.


The official election took place from April 5 p.m. at 8 p.m. to April 6, 8 p.m. Hannah Bragelman, a junior in the game design: computer science program was elected as SSA’s next president. Alex Serier, a freshman in the business administration program, was elected as the student body vice president.

There were several other students elected to different positions as well.

Brandon Beaulieu will be the director of diversity and Inclusivity, Miranda Buchanan is the new director of organizational affairs, Nick Halbach was elected as director of financial affairs, Jacob Nadeau will be director of sustainability, and Pat Lytle is the new director of legislative affairs.

Several senators were also elected for the SSA next year.

These senators include Devin Dumke, Deon Canon, Garret Gjerseth, Rebecca Silberfarb, Matthew Gunderson, Gary Ramos, Stephen Duhn, Frank Janovec, Shane Miller, Riley Kangas, Bindiya Patel and Lexci Brown.

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