Here at UW-Stout, we are lucky enough to have dozens of live-in student staff in each dorm building. They do a lot more than solving roommate conflicts and decorating your hall. ARCs and RAs are trained to help you with anything from academic achievement to feeling more connected on campus. 

Tyler Pamperin is an Applied Mathematics and Computer Science major and an ARC in CKTO, one of the first-year dorm buildings. As an Academic Resource Coordinator (ARC), he works closely with University Housing to foster academic success for students by helping them improve time management, build positive habits, and learn different study strategies. ARCs also host weekly study nights, where you can work on homework and enjoy free snacks with your hallmates! What is it that drives someone to want to become an ARC? 

“I have always been a bit of an overachiever when it comes to academics. I figured I could put my skills to good use by becoming an ARC and helping others maximize their academic potential”, Tyler says. 

Victoria Letkewicz studies Graphic Design and is the Resident Advisor for Milnes 3rd floor in HKMC, another first year dorm hall. “I wanted to become an RA because I enjoy helping other students and being a leader. Free housing is also a nice incentive”, she says. 

However, no job comes without its challenges. “The worst part of being an ARC is when we have to be the bearer of bad news… For instance, it is never enjoyable to recommend an individual drop a class if their grade is beyond recovery”, Tyler says. Victoria’s least favorite part of being an RA is having to deal with and write incident reports, which occurs when a resident breaks campus policy. Both positions also have benefits for current Stout students who would be interested. 

“I think the best parts of being an ARC are seeing individuals make positive academic changes and improve their grades after interacting with them. Knowing that you made a positive difference, no matter how small, is immensely gratifying”, Tyler says.