Mackenzie Peterson

The Qube, located in the Merle M. Price Commons, is the University of Wisconsin-Stout’s headquarters for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning/queer, intersex, asexual/aromantic students and more (LGBTQIA+) students and allies.

The Qube had been undergoing construction recently to revamp and expand the space. The new Qube’s official grand opening took place on April 5.

Lex Redfern, a freshman majoring in human development and family studies, serves as an events coordinator and assistant to the Qube. Redfern explained that the old Qube was much smaller than the current new and improved Qube; the size increased by 73 percent.

The old Qube had two parts, the entrance where the LGBTQIA+ program coordinator, Julie Miller had her desk located and a few couches. The second area in the old Qube was a library and study area.

The new Qube has many more areas. There is a work and study space out front with tables to work on, a student lounge in the back with couches, a sink, a microwave, a coffee maker, gender neutral bathrooms and a staff desk and desktop.

There are also two areas for relaxing. In addition, there is a new storage area that they have for a donations closet. Julie Miller has her own office, secluded from the rest but still attached.

Redfern said, “The new Qube is happy, meaning, it is welcoming and warm. We have a fantastic chandelier, amazing drop lights and a fantastic modern look to it. It has a professional yet calm vibe to it. I personally think that the new Qube is amazing.”

Elliot Sherman, a freshman majoring in Dietetics said, “The new Qube makes it easier for the LGBTQIA+ community and allies to come together and create new ways of furthering outreach.”

Frances Bates, a senior majoring in Industrial Design, has lived through the Qube in its old space for four years. She explained how she would go just to hang out, as well as attend events hosted there.

“The old space was cramped and passers by were often confused what the space was. This remodel has been quite the improvement. Now, the Qube is located where everyone sees it and has plenty of room for every possible activity they want to host,” said Bates.

She went on to say the remodel has also allowed the Qube to be able to offer more services to the campus and community. Bates said, “It is almost as if the Qube finally came out with the old space being closet-like and now the new space is a full-blown resource center. Basically, I am very happy to see that our campus will have such a nice space for the LGBTQIA+ community and general campus alike.”