Cam “Tunechi” Parrucci-


Aries – Real G’s move in silence like lasagna.

Taurus – Okay, you’re a goon, but what’s a goon to a goblin?

Gemini – “The Birdman my daddy, we fly south.”

Cancer – Diamond face, diamond brace, more colors than the game Simon Says

Leo – Safe sex is great sex, better wear a latex, cuz you don’t want that late text that “I think I’m late.”

Virgo – All about my riches, my name should be Richard

Libra – Wee-ooh-wee-ooh-wee (ay) wee-ooh-wee-ooh-wee (ay)

Wee-ooh-wee-ooh-wee (like a cop car) Wee-ooh-wee-ooh-wee, wee-ooh-wee-ooh-wee(ay)Wee-ooh-wee-ooh-wee (haha)

Scorpio – I got so much chips, I swear they call me Hewlett Packard. I got so much chips, you can have a bag if you’re a snacker.

Sagittarius – Your cousin Paul said that Lil Wayne is a bad rapper, so you don’t deserve one, Saggitarius.

Capricorn – When it Waynes, it pours.

Aquarius – Everyday’s Christmas, I’m eggnogged out.

Pisces – Some people leave you out to dry, like a towel rack.

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