Written by: Emma Ozark

Emma Ozark / Stoutonia

Fashion Without Fabric, or FWOF, is an (in)famous UW-Stout art project and competition normally required for 3D design experience — a fundamental class for any art or design major. Unfortunately, it has been canceled this year due to the pandemic. 

The competition is pretty much what it sounds like: Students design (based on a specific prompt) a wearable piece of fashion without standard fabric and present it on the runway. 

So what would a COVID-themed FWOF look like? Comics artist Emma Ozark takes a comedic guess at the potential projects students could create. Check back every Monday for the next four weeks for a new model, and vote on your favorite! 

Queen of Forgotten Plastics” Emma Ozark / Stoutonia

The Queen of Forgotten Plastics wants you RECYCLE, RECYCLE, RECYCLE! Inspired to raise awareness surrounding ocean pollution, such as masks found in the Mediterranean, this illustration draws attention to the issue with her blue-tinted makeup and plastic-lined wig, styled as if she were underwater. She walks down the runway as if swimming through trash, using an outfit strapped together with miscellaneous personal protective equipment (PPE), such as old N95 masks and latex gloves. The queen is also sporting fancy jewelry made from plastic debris she found cleaning the ocean.

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