Matt “Mao” Adam-


According to a student questionnaire conducted by Stoutonia, students across campus are listening to a wide variety of music. The 18 respondents gave a quick glance at the music tastes on campus.

Many new tracks are still turning heads on campus even though some students would say that music this year has been slow. Stout students are listening to songs that cater to every mood and moment, whether that’s studying late-night in the dorm room, jamming in the car or spending a night out.

Drake’s new track is trending across the country, including here at the University of Wisconsin–Stout. But the Weeknd’s new album, “My Dear Melancholy,” is stealing some of Drake’s thunder this week, according to Spotify’s national data.


Other notable songs from the survey include “Freaky Friday” by Chris Brown and “OKRA” by Tyler, the Creator. These tracks were released early this year as singles and are increasingly popular on campus. “Tyler comes at this song with an interesting flow and some really funny and clever bars. The instrumentals are great too,” said one student respondent.

Other students are opening their musical horizons to other genres. “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” by Panic! at the Disco is popular with rock fans on campus, even with the nontraditional rock samples within the song.


One album that stands out to students on campus is “Culture II” by the Migos. Steering away from their trap style and incorporating more tropical sounds reminiscent of Drake; this album “gets the blood flowing,” according to multiple students.  


Logic’s “Bobby Tarantino II” is also popular with students. The album opens with Rick and Morty discussing which Logic album to listen to. Many students are pleased with Logic’s release of the second “Bobby Tarantino” album.  


A playlist compiling some of the most popular tracks of the survey can be found below.