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For Peter Kleinschmidt, a senior from Tomahawk, Wis., hunting has always been a passion. Peter’s love for hunting and the outdoors began when he was eight years old and he would go out hunting with his father. At that age, Peter could not carry his own firearm, but he could spend time with his dad enjoying the surroundings.

Since then, Kleinschmidt has become a fairly accomplished hunter. He has hunted various different animals, ranging from large to small game to waterfowl. Some of these hunts have even taken him to different states like North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.

All of Kleinschmidt’s passion and success has only increased his love for the sport. This, along with living and hunting in and around the Menomonie area has led him to create his own guide service and share the experience with others around the area.


Peter Kleinschmidt (right) and Zach Weihert (left) during a snow goose hunt in South Dakota.

“I enjoy taking out hunters who aren’t the most experienced or have all the equipment and showing them how the sport works. I’ve had friends that have opened up their own part-time guide services after college and they really enjoy it. Plus, you get to do something that you love for a living,” Kleinschmidt said.

Kleinschmidt has been building upon this idea for quite some time. There is quite a great deal of scouting and preparation that goes into each hunt, so the time and knowledge required for creating a business like this is very time-consuming and at times difficult.

“Scouting is key to any hunt. Usually it takes a few mornings of scouting before I hunt an area. The more you scout and pattern the birds, the more successful you will be when it comes to waterfowl hunting,” Kleinschmidt explained.

Although Kleinschmidt will keep his business contained to the Menomonie area during the school year, he plans on using his past experiences with hunting various game across multiple states to broaden opportunities for other hunters.

For Kleinschmidt, providing a successful and enjoyable hunting experience at an affordable rate for others is virtually a dream come true.


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