Ryan Cook-

Following multiple trips to and from South Hall’s laundry room, several residents witnessed an entire basket of laundry remain unstolen for several hours while being left unattended. Witnesses claim that the monetary value of said clothing was never brought into question, as nearly everything was out of style or just plain ugly.


For the unaware, it’s considered good form to retrieve one’s belongings from a washer or dryer promptly after completion. To leave even a single shirt or pair of pants behind runs the risk of said articles of clothing being stolen. “Most people would realize they might be seen wearing stolen clothes and get caught because of that,” said South Hall resident Kate Chavez. “In this case, everyone agreed that they’d rather not be seen wearing it at all, even in another state.”

It was obvious at the time to the few people present over the course of the evening that the basket wasn’t going anywhere. While an unknown party did move the clothing from the dryer to make room for their own laundry, the basket remained on a nearby table and wasn’t disturbed even once. One student who came down to the basement room multiple times to check the machine availability thought that a shirt was missing at one point, but later realized it was so lackluster that it merely blended in with everything else in the basket.

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