The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to the University of Wisconsin–Stout’s Spring 2020 semester. UW–Stout is now offering a credit/no credit opportunity to students. According to Glendali Rodriguez, the interim provost at UW–Stout, the Dean’s List has also been suspended this semester because they don’t want to penalize or pressure students into choosing credit or no credit. 

As said by Glenda Jones, an English professor and faculty senate chair at UW–Stout, the university hopes that this credit/no credit option will help out students that need to receive a higher GPA for graduate school by giving them the option to take the credit. According to Jones, this may help any students that may not have any internet access, which could prevent them from finishing their courses and doing well.

Additionally, UW–Stout students are being given until May 1 to decide whether to take a course for credit or no credit. Jones said she believes this will help students have a good idea as to how they’re doing in all their courses by then. However, credits will vary slightly, depending on where the instructor sets the requirements.

In some cases, credit requirements may go as low as a D-, but many higher-level courses require a C or higher as a prerequisite. According to Jones, UW–Stout only wants students to adjust to their environments and do well. 

Jones said the Dean’s List is suspended was because it’s considered an honor roll based on a grading system, so, once the grading system is changed or suspended, the honor roll is suspended as well. Students that choose the credit/no credit option will not be receiving high honors. 

According to Jones, UW–Stout is positive that some of their students will choose to be graded by the traditional A to F rubric. Although, she said there is no shame in students taking up the credit/no credit option.

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