By Ryan Cook —


Sending waves of discomfort and inexplicable tension throughout the room earlier today, some weirdo actually responded to questions that her Professor posed to the entry-level class.


Multiple times throughout the hour and a half long History period, the absolute madwoman continually raised her hand to provide responses in the form of her thoughts and opinions. Despite the complete silence of the rest of the room, she sincerely felt the need to actually answer each question.


“I bet she’s a freshman,” one classmate said, “No one who has been here for more than a year would bother actually trying in an entry-level course like this.” They went on to point out the girl’s nervous fidgeting and unnecessary amount of backpack accessories.


Many questions have also been raised about her major, and whether or not it’s even history. “I’m pretty sure she said it was Graphic Design or something,” one slacker commented. Many of the buffoon’s peers even found themselves automatically cringing in anticipation each time the professor asked a question, and some were able to spot the girl fully extending her arm out of the corner of their eyes seconds after he began formulating a question.


“Why doesn’t she just half-raise her hand like everyone else?” one classmate asked, annoyed but not exactly sure why. “Wait, why does this even bother me?”


The class then collectively pursed their lips and averted their eyes as the complete moron audibly mumbled to herself as the professor called on the person sitting behind her. Witnesses called the situation “almost too awkward to experience.”


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