By Kelly Senter:

Our suspicions have been confirmed: University of Wisconsin–Stout is cold! This seems like a no-brainer for the student body, teachers and faculty, but now there’s more proof than the lack of feeling in our toes.

UW–Stout was ranked 13th coldest school in North America by Inc. The standings were based on three things: students’ opinions, average amounts of precipitation and average high and low temperatures during summer and winter. Students have varying opinions, but the science behind it seems pretty spot-on.

University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire was ranked 7thincomparison, coming nowhere close to the frigid temperatures in Canada and northern Minnesota. They beat us in this competition, but let’s not get too upset about it; we need to focus on bundling up.

Seriously though, be careful when you head outside. The emails bemoaning the dangers of this weather that Doug Mell, executive director of communications and external relations, sent the first few days of the semester are serious business.

“Anyone who believes their health or safety is at risk should not make the trip,” advises Mell.

Running to class might be a nice combination of heat preserving, staying on schedule and getting rid of the unwanted Christmas cookie pounds.

Although we pay for the classes we miss, keep in mind your safety when making attendance decisions. A friendly reminder: bundle up and stay warm.


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