October 30, 2019 was a night for dressing up and expressing the thrills and chills of Halloween. It was also A Night on Broadway at the Gender and Sexuality Alliance’s (GSA) Fall Drag Show. Hosted by James Evan, A Night on Broadway while having limited performers brought the same level of entertainment as past shows with every performer lip syncing famous Broadway hits while dressed in costume and putting on performances for a packed house.

The performers of the night included Judy La Ivory opening the show with a lovely delivery of a Barbra Streisand song and returned later on with a Rocky Horror montage. 

Other performers included Mia Lava Lava doing a rendition of “When You’re Good to Mama” from “Chicago.” Tina Too Much, who did two songs from “Burlesque,” that in both insistences ignited the crowd in roaring cheers. Afterward, Don Laverne performed “Dancing Queen” from “Mamma Mia” and later on “Take Me or Leave Me” from “Rent”. 

Tina Too Much performing on stage

June Razor, along with their assistant lip synced “Friends on the Other Side” from Disney’s “The Princess and The Frog” that generated the Halloween spirit with their performances. 

During the intermission, audience members got the chance to win prizes in the Broadway Best and costume contest. The contestants’ costumes were both creative and beautiful. 

The show resumed with special guest performer, Divine Intervention, a gymnast who performed “Out Tonight” from “Rent.”

Jekyll Lantern dressed up in their best goth make-up performing “Zydrate Anatomy” from “Repo: The Genetic Opera” and Salem Hyde who ended the show with “You’ll be Back” from “Hamilton.”

Salem Hyde singing “You’ll be Back” by Hamilton

Jacob Klitz, who helped in organizing and performed in the Drag Show, said, “The Drag Show has been a tradition ever since I have been here… people love it and it’s nice for people to try.” Klitz said, “Each Drag Show is themed. Usually we look at past themes, so then we could choose a different theme that isn’t similar to past themes. Once the theme is announced, performers sign up and from there performers make their own costumes and practice a routine before going on stage.” 

“With any diversity event, there’s a fear people are going to go to extremes or protest, but as a person my fears are that people aren’t going to show up or performers aren’t going to show up” Klitz said. There are a few safety precautions during the Drag Show. Klitz said, “We don’t have security, but we do have a good relationship with the Stout Police, who usually come to see the show.” Another item of note was the fact that there were a smaller number of performers this year compared to past years, Klitz said, “It was a little disappointing, but once people started signing up, I was happy with the amount we got.”
This year’s Drag Show was the premiere of some first-time performers, which Klitz said, “I thought that they did very well. Backstage I saw that they were nervous at first, but they did very well on stage.” Tina Too Much also said, “I was very impressed with the first-time performers.”

GSA meets every Monday at 7p.m. to 8p.m. in the Willow/ Walnut Room, of the Memorial Student Center. They will also be having a Spring Drag Show that would mainly have professional performers, but if you want to join in contact the GSA events coordinator to see if you can sign up.