Heading into the last semester, seniors were going through their last moments of college. After receiving the email that classes were moved online, many seniors started to grow anxious about commencement. “We have to take this seriously so that we can do graduation for real,” said senior Stephanie Zengler. 

At first, senior Maddie McConnville didn’t believe the virus was worth the concern. “I didn’t take it seriously at all until two weeks ago, I guess I didn’t want to believe it was that bad. We have never lived through anything like this, so it is still pretty weird to try and grapple with,” McConnville said.

Contributed – Nathalie Bonilla

Senior Nathalie Bonilla also commented, ”My first reaction was wow, I know that the chances of dying are low, but the chances of getting it are big. The media is only portraying the bad things and we shouldn’t panic. I did not think it was going to get this close to home and that it would lead to canceling almost everything.”

About three weeks ago, there was little news coverage about the virus, only hearing that it was spreading to other places outside of the U.S. However, the virus ultimately made its way to the U.S. 

Professors and students had to adjust with going online for the rest of the semester. The school gave professors a couple of weeks to get materials prepared for students and themselves as some had little experience in an online course before.

Contributed – Vaughn Hess

With the transition of going from face-to-face to online, it can be hard on students. Senior Vaughn Hess gave his thoughts, “It will be very difficult, as I am taking the most credits I ever took, 18 credits, and now all of those will be online at once. I took online classes before, while not bad, it’s forgetful as there isn’t a physical place to go.”

As an apparel major, Nkao Hang had the toughest transition going online. She and other seniors were preparing for the spring fashion show. “It wasn’t how I pictured it. One of my classmates in studio class had just made a group chat with us seniors. We are going to need each other more than ever to help motivate each other. Knowing that I’m not the only one feeling uneasy about this helps a lot! This is just like one of those bumps on the road; I am still putting a lot of effort on these projects.” Hang said.

Contributed – Brandon Beaulieu

Senior Brandon Beaulieu gave his thoughts on what he would miss about going to Stout. “I am going to miss my friends and my professors. I am also going to miss being a part of the student orgs I was in.”

Senior Morgan Denton, who is a thrower in the Track and Field team, gave her thoughts on coming to terms that her spring season ended so quickly. “It honestly didn’t feel real at first. When I got the email for Steiner that our season was done, I felt kind of empty. I had so many goals for this coming outdoor season, and not having any control over it was so painful. The only thing that made it better at the time was that I knew every other senior athlete was feeling the same way I was. I wish I had the chance to go back and take in every little thing I ever took for granted.”

Contributed – Morgan Denton

As students head into this new school environment, they are reminded that our simple daily routine can change in any second. Now is the time to remain safe, to stay healthy and to check up on everyone.