Logan Myhre –

The University of Wisconsin–Stout has decided not to repair its swimming pool according to a memo emailed to Stout students, faculty and staff.

According to the memo, written by Phil Lyons, Vice Chancellor for Administrative and student life services, the pool was closed over winter break to conduct a full maintenance review. It has remained closed since. Several tiles had detached from the bottom of the pool which inhibited the pool’s automated vacuuming system from properly cleaning the pool.

Water Technology Inc. estimated costs totalling around $693,500 to repair the pool, which Lyons says would only keep it operational for a few more years. Since the pool is no longer considered an educational facility due to the lack of physical education in core requirements, state funding is not available to cover these costs.

Therefore a “sizeable increase” in segregated fees, which are fees taken from student tuition, would have to be used to cover the costs, something that Lyons says is not a route Stout wants to pursue. He cites a lack of usage of the pool from students as one of the reasons behind this decision.

A decision has not been reached regarding what to do with the space the pool currently occupies, but Lyons said that those conversations can start soon. He also stated that the decision could be discussed in tandem with the discussion about future renovations to the Johnson Fieldhouse.

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