Cam Parucci-

As Fortnite becomes the biggest gaming craze since Just Dance, Wii Sports and Pokémon, the game design program has voted on ensuring the gaming masses here at UWStout have a full understanding of the battle-royale game mode as the craze continues.

The course in question, titled: Fortnite and the Victory Royale, will cover everything the game has to offer, such as where to drop, how to build effectively, which guns to pick up, which guns to leave and proper strategy for solo, duos and squad-based game modes.

The professor of the course, Dr. Chad Progamer, is excited to teach this new curriculum to any and all students. “It’s important that everyone understands the proper way to play Fortnite,” said Progamer, “I for one, am sick of noobs not understanding proper Fortnite mechanics. After my course, I guarantee I can improve your victory rates by at least 50 percent.”

Other pieces of the curriculum include finding hot drops, where to find chests, how to effectively complete challenges and even the best costumes you can find and wear. Because UWStout is a polytechnic university, the class will be expected to take these theories into practice in the game and will be graded respectively based on results.

The course is expecting high enrollment numbers, and many hope it will continue to be taught through the years. No one can guarantee the future of where the game will go, but it has yet to show any signs of slowing down on PC, PS4 and Xbox.

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