Mackenzie Peterson –

The University of Wisconsin-Stout is adding a new bachelor of science degree in video production that will be available through the communication technologies department starting in Fall 2019. Keif Oss, lecturer, worked with Peter Galante, who will be the program director, to develop this major.

Oss said this program is unique which makes it a good fit for a polytechnic college like Stout. This program is a mix of arts, technology and business practices. It’s not heavily art-based and a little video-based.

He said, “The major’s emphasis is focused on strong technical foundations and experiential practice in commercial photography and video production.”

There are a total of six new courses that were developed for this major. These courses include video production technologies, commercial motion graphics, advanced video production, virtual and augmented reality video applications, visual effects and compositing and video production practicum.

Video production technologies is the first course that will be running next fall. This course is less focused on narrative story-making, and is instead more focused on understanding the technical system it takes to do video work. Oss said, “It is a foundational course exploring lenses, camera systems and video formats, audio equipment and camera stabilization systems such as cranes, dollies and steadicams.”

Students will learn how to set up and use the equipment properly and safely, as well as the physical work that goes into it.

Working from the ground up, the advanced video production course will be taking what students did previously and move it into more of a producer-side experience by learning how to plan and execute a video project.  

Delaney Eslinger, a freshman majoring in interior design said, “As an art student, I feel like this major is such a nice addition to the many options Stout has for students.” She added that it’s nice for students from a smaller area to go into this major and not spend a fortune on tuition.

Abby Oeffler, a freshman majoring in business administration said, “I think it’s great that they are mixing both art and business together. It in some ways unites the business and arts majors.”

Oeffler said that the art and business majors are separated on campus the applied arts has its own building and the business majors have the buildings on Harvey hill. This new major makes it easier for the business majors to get more involved with the art aspects.

For students debating whether this program might be a good match for them, Oss suggested that taking courses such as introduction to still and moving image photography and introduction to video production could be helpful. Gaining experience in the field, whether that be a summer internship or a job, is also beneficial.