By Hannah Lundquist —


If you have not yet picked up a newspaper or listened to the news on TV, then you are most likely not aware of the open position on the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents.


Governor Scott Walker is seeking out one individual to serve for a two-year term on the board. The position is available to UW­–Stout students and other UW schools, who are over the age of twenty-four and who are enrolled in the University of Wisconsin System at least half-time as an undergraduate student. To be considered for the role the student must be in good academic standing and also be able to represent the University from the standpoint of a non-traditional student. The applicants who apply must also be a resident of Wisconsin and be enrolled for at least the rest of the school term.


Right now there are twenty-four groups that are represented with UW system representatives. UW–Stout does not have a representative at this point. Each UW school being represented has one representative if not two and their titles are President and Vice President. They are usually the student body President and Vice President and so their titles carry over to this position in the system.  Wisconsin is one of only a handful of states across the entire United States which allows students to serve an active role in the system-wide governance and governance within the school.


To be able to hold this position on the Board of Regents and be able to represent the school is a very huge honor.


Since in the past few years students from UW–Madison and UW–Whitewater have served on the board, applications from students who attend these schools will not be accepted.


Hopefully this year someone from UW–Stout will apply and be able to represent our school in the best way and serve in this position on the Board of Regents.


Applicants should submit their application, cover letter, and resume. Applicants should also be aware that there is an essay that has to be submitted as well with the application. Application can be found on Scott Walker’s website, On the website there will be a link that says “Apply” on the right side of the page. Applicants can then click on the “Boards/Commissions” tab from there. All applications and materials are due by noon on January 29.


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