By Lauren Offner

In all honesty, Menomonie isn’t the most interesting or bustling town in the Midwest. Many students on campus have expressed their boredom in the small town and often resort to desperate actions to thaw their monotony. However, there’s a difference between finding something to do and causing harm on campus.

On Feb. 17, construction workers reported for duty at McCalmont Hall to continue the labor on the anticipated renovation. However, something peculiar attracted their attention.

“A report came from the construction crew early Monday morning that they discovered that items were missing and that there were sprayed fire extinguishers,” said campus sergeant Jason Spetz.

Not only had someone stolen items from the construction site and set off the fire extinguishers, but they had broken windows and graffitied parts of the building, causing $2,000 worth of damages. Construction blueprints were also damaged as well.

Later, a witness statement led the investigation to the surveillance videos, which police used to identify the two not-so-sneaky suspects entering North Hall.

“They were wearing the construction helmets and goggles stolen from the site,” said Spetz. “I’m not going to get investigator of the year for this.”

Later, the helmets and goggles were tossed back over the fence in an attempt to get rid of any evidence. However, it was a feeble attempt by the suspects. They were arrested and charged with felony burglary, a class E felony that is a crime that cannot exceed 15 years of jail time and a fine of $50,000.

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