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As the first week of classes comes to a close, so does a successful first week of entertainment for campus organizations. Blue Devil Productions (BDP) and Event Technology Crew (ETC) hosted six exciting events including Blue Rah, magician Derek Hughes, comedian Paul Varghese, EDM artist Robotaki and a showing of the film “Wonder Woman,” all leading up to an epic game of laser tag held on Saturday, Sept. 9.


Mackenzie Pfund, art director of BDP, expressed the importance of giving students a warm welcome in the first week. He stated that BDP hopes to “show them a good show and give them a reason to get involved [with campus orgs].” ETC Assistant Technical Supervisor Libby Andrego also called attention to the hard work her and the crew had to put in for the first week, saying “Blue Rah took more than three days to set up; we’ve worked over 40 hours this week already.”

Events were well received by students. Freshman Emily Quante remarked, “You can find something you’re into. You won’t get bored.” Nick Norton, a Junior who only recently started listening to EDM, would probably agree after he attended the Robotaki show on Thursday, Sept. 7.

Norton asserted that “the music is pretty good, but the audience would probably be more into it if there were more people there.” This sentiment was shared by sophomore Daniel Trader, but he still enjoyed the show: “I think it’s cool they got [Robotaki]; he has some good stuff.” Junior Vikram Chavan thinks the turnout may be low because “a lot of students don’t want to come out of their shells—they aren’t looking for something new to do.”


With all the work put in by campus orgs, there seems to be a shared desire to see more students attend. Even if the music scene doesn’t appeal to you, there is a multitude of other events to attend. Sometimes the best way to branch out is to get involved with BDP, ETC and other campus organisations.


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