Cece Jabs-

While the thought is scary, an active shooter situation could arise on campus. The following information is the same thing that is taught to Resident Advisors (RAs) and other staff on campus: run, hide, fight.

If you hear of an active shooter or someone with a firearm on campus, the first thing you should do is run. If you are in an open space, like outside, run away to somewhere safe if you have the ability to. If not, it’s best to get low to the ground if you’re in a large open area.

The second phase is hide. If you are unable to leave the situation, you should hide somewhere safe. This is just like what you may have been taught in elementary or high school. If you’re in your residence hall or classroom, lock the door, draw the shades and hide somewhere out of sight. This will keep you more safe than if you were exposed.

The final phase and a last resort is to fight. If you are found by an active shooter, your last option is to fight. Try to fight enough so you can escape. If you are interested in taking self defense classes, there are several karate and martial arts academies in Menomonie and the surrounding area, many of which may offer self defense classes.

If you think you see someone on campus or in your residence hall with a firearm, please alert an RA or other staff member immediately. Take every step to defend yourself.

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