Many of you may have spotted a mysterious man walking around campus in a tin costume, and maybe thought to yourself: “Who is this mysterious figure?”

The name of the mystery figure is “the Iron Knight.”

The Iron Knight has been around University of Wisconsin-Stout’s campus since spring of 2019. He wanders the streets of Menomonie for enjoyment and entertainment. 

“I wear the suit to give people a little slice of happiness and something to look forward to, because I know first-hand how depressing the world can be without something like that in their lives,” said the Knight. 

The Iron Knight mentioned a few of the many reactions he gets from students on campus. Two of the most popular are, “Oh my god, it’s Tinman/Iron Man/that robot guy, can I get your picture?” Or, the Knight says, he gets the classic head down, silent encounter as people walk by because they have absolutely no idea what they are witnessing. 

In addition to all the reactions the Iron Knight receives, he said he is open to talking to pedestrians when he encounters them. He walks around campus once to twice a week and plans to be around for the rest of the school year. 

Although students see the Iron Knight walking the streets of downtown Menomonie, one thing that remains a mystery is his identity.

“I was going to do it a few months ago,” he said about revealing his true identity one day. “But because I would potentially not have a normal life anymore, I decided to keep it a secret. At least for now. If I ever moved, then for sure.” 

Until then, the Iron Knight’s identity will remain undisclosed. His intentions are not to scare students, rather he wishes to put a smile on everyone’s face. 

The next time you see the mysterious vigilante walking around campus in his metallic suit, greet him with a friendly hello, now that you know what he is all about.