Work for Stoutonia

What kind of jobs do we offer?

Stoutonia is an entirely student-run publication. The staff is responsible for all aspects of the newspaper, including writing, editing, design and advertising. Most positions are paid, with payment varying according to the responsibilities of the job. Staff members of Stoutonia must be students in good standing at UW-Stout.

All editorial board members are expected to do the following duties plus duties specific to the position:

  • Attend all Editorial Board meetings and staff meetings
  • Attend, or be available depending on position, during production
  • Complete all scheduled office hours
  • Hire, train and manage any subordinate staff
  • Satisfactorily perform all duties assigned to position

How do I apply?

  • Pick up or print off a Stoutonia Job Application (general staff or editorial board) which can be found at the Involvement Center desk in the MSC.
  • Online applications can be found here:
  • If you have a hard copy, once you’ve completed it, it can be handed in at the Involvement Center desk by the specified deadline – please ask that the application be put in the Stoutonia mailbox.


If there are any open positions, they are in bold and red below.

  • Editor-in-Chief
  • Production Manager
  • Marketing and Distribution Manager
  • Advertising Manager
  • News Editor
  • Entertainment Editor
  • Sports Editor
  • Online Manager
  • Digital Imaging Editor

[View Stoutonia Ed Board Descriptions Here]