A Night of Pianos and Fundraising 2

By Molly Schecklman —


In 2002, Ted Manderfeld quit his job. He quit his job because he wanted to be a part of Deuces Wild, a piano and comedy entertainment show. He dedicated all of his time to following David Eichholz, the founder of Deuces Wild, to every single show in an attempt to fill the soon-to-be-vacant spot of Eichholz’s playing partner. Did persistence pay off? Why, yes, and now Manderfeld and Eichholz are wildly entertaining thousands across the country with their piano prowess.


Minnesota natives Manderfeld and Eichholz have been playing piano since they were children. Both men are self-taught in the craft.


“Dave grew up in northern Minnesota with no TV in the middle of the woods and would make his sister mad because she would come home from piano lessons and when she’d go to school, by the time she got home Dave was already playing everything she was supposed to learn…all by ear,” said Manderfeld.


After all of this time playing together, Deuces Wild is finally making its debut in Menomonie. But their reason for being here is most definitely a special one.


Seven years ago, Kelli Kamholz, the executive director at Positive Alternatives, was part of the group that decided to bring Deuces Wild into their fundraiser for the organization. Positive Alternatives is an organization that serves at-risk youth, adults and families through community service based activities and group homes. Even though Deuces Wild has been involved with the organization for over seven years, this is their first time playing in Menomonie.  

A Night of Pianos and Fundraising 1

[Bringing Deuces Wild to Menomonie] originally started as an idea of an event that would be fun to bring to the community, especially in the winter, to get people out of the house, entertained and excited about our organization.  Fun was the main ingredient.  We wanted a fun event that people would be excited to attend.


We couldn’t do what we do without the community.  We are thankful this community has been supportive of us for so many years and hope to see many of you at our event,” said Kamholz.


“[We are] always excited to play for a bunch of people who may never have seen us before. Inevitably they walk away with a great experience… and hopefully sore cheeks from laughing!” said Manderfeld. ”This is an all new event! It is our first time playing in Menomonie and we are very excited.”



Deuces Wild will be playing at the Stout Ale House at 7:30 p.m. on February 19.

Feel free to check out Deuces Wild at www.wildpianos.com



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