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Molly Schecklman 


Although it can be said that the Menomonie music scene is deafeningly quiet, there is the occasional act that calls the area home. This can be said for Teague and Ian Alexy.

The Alexy brothers grew up in Jersey Shore just outside of Atlantic City.  They are the founders and sole members of Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank , an eclectic band now located in the Menomonie area.

When the two brothers relocated to Duluth, Minnesota from Jersey Shore, the band was born, and their story began. However, the production of the band was quite difficult.  Ian went to school in Boston at the Berklee College of Music and Teague went to school out in San Diego.

The first performance we ever did together was at an open mic in San Diego at the legendary Java Joe’s; which is now gone, unfortunately.  We both got into roots music, old American folk and blues, and that is how Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank started,” said Ian.  

The creation of Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank was inevitable.  The brothers came from a musical family and are multi-instrumentalists.  Teague plays the guitar, harmonica and occasionally dabbles in beat production, while Ian plays guitar, bass, drums, banjo, piano and has produced records for other artists.

“Pursuing a life as an artist in a largely corporate world is full of difficulties.  We have had all kinds of things happen in business and on the road that would probably make most people quit, but we keep doing what we do.  The music always keeps me going.  I can always find new inspiration in the music.  That is how I relate to the world.  I don’t know what we would do without it,” said Ian.

Aside from being musically talented, Teague is also a published author.  Teague’s book “The New Folklore: Lyrical Tales for Dreamers & Thinkers” just came out last year.

“[The Story] is seven, original rhyming folktales that also work as seven, individual songs,” said Teague. “On the surface, the characters and stories are fun and borderline ridiculous. The morals of the stories are unspoken, but if the reader surrenders to the magical realism, there are life lessons under the surface.”

Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank will perform at the Mabel Tainter Theatre on April 1 from 7:30-9:30 p.m.

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