By Molly Schecklman —

It’s not often that you can take a trip to Spain while staying in Menomonie. Well, an auditory trip, that is. The Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts is giving the community an opportunity to get immersed in Spanish culture through music.


“Sabor de España” (A Taste of Spain) is the latest musical production coming to Menomonie’s Mabel Tainter. The act consists of husband-wife duo between Jeffrey Jaworski and Dr. Namji Clara Kim. It is through their music that they offer a fresh perspective on classical piano and guitar.  


Kim and Jaworski are quite the power couple. Kim began playing piano at the early age of six, only to later attend the National Superior Conservatory of Paris and graduate with a decorated record.  Today she teaches Applied and Class Piano at the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire and is an Associate Professor of Music.  She has also been in many performances at different universities across the nation.


Following a similar path as his wife, Jaworski decided to study classical guitar and achieved his Associate’s Degree at University of Wisconsin–Waukesha.  From there he went on to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay. Today he focuses more on guitar and owns a private studio in the Eau Claire Middle School.


“Our idea for this program was to present an enjoyable evening of performances that highlight the music of Spanish composers.  For the piano portion of the program, we wanted to illustrate the connections between guitar and piano. [I look forward to] having the chance to present music for the piano in its original context (much of the music is more well-known in its settings for guitar),” said Jaworski.


Aside from endless hours of practicing and time spent traveling across the United States to play shows, the duo still remains grounded by their own passions.


“[Kim] is multi-lingual and has resided in large cities like Seoul, Paris and New York City. I am an avid snowshoer in the winter and an amateur nature photographer,” said Jaworski.
Having studied and played in different countries as well as across the United States, Kim and Jaworski prove to be talented individuals. The husband-wife duo will bring the sounds of Spain to Menomonie on November 16.

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