Written by: Violet Nelson

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Many college students love coffee. And now, Menomonie is adding one more popular option for them. With already three Caribou Coffees, one Dunkin’ Donuts, and a handful of other local coffee shops, Starbucks will add a stir to the competition. The new Starbucks will be located on Broadway and Walnut. 

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When college students were asked for their opinions on the new Starbucks, a lot of feedback implied a push for supporting local businesses. 

Olivia Mayasich, a recent 2020 graduate of studio art and photography from UW-Stout, said she would “rather see a family restaurant or other small businesses go in” instead of seeing another large chain like Starbucks. 

Another student, Katy Hatfield, who also graduated in 2020, majoring in hotel, restaurant, and tourism management, said, “I think it’ll bring in a ton of business, but it could hurt some local shops.” Hatfield also brought up that the new Starbucks will bring in traffic and probably make attending UW-Stout more appealing to students who grew up in bigger cities. 

But although students from bigger cities might miss these larger chains, Menomonie has great local coffee shops in the downtown area.

A few of these popular spots to study and get coffee are Raw Deal, Marion’s Legacy, Acoustic Cafe, and The Blind Munchies. Unlike Starbucks, these local coffee shops in Menomonie offer a unique atmosphere rather than modern décor. 

Ayleen Calderon, a senior this year in the apparel design program, said she “personally doesn’t like Starbucks.” She said this is mostly because of all the great options you can get at local coffee shops in Menomonie.

Buying from local coffee shops in Menomonie is a way to support other local/regional businesses that produce the coffee’s ingredients or other products they use.

Even though Starbucks is entering an already populated coffee shop area, it will likely be a hit. Although excitement is buzzing about the newcomer, it can be seen as a good thing UW-Stout students want to remain loyal to local coffee shops. 

Starbucks can add some glitz and glam to Menomonie, but the student’s voice is all for supporting local businesses, while maybe treating themselves to an eight-dollar cup of coffee here and there from Starbucks.

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