By: Taylor Smith

One of the most anticipated events for the University of Wisconsin–Stout art and design program is happening Saturday, April 12. “Fashion Without Fabric” is a fashion show put on by students enrolled in this semester’s 3D Design course.

“This class is about how to construct and understand form in three-dimensional space considered from all viewpoints and angles,” explains Professor Tamara Brantmeier, director of The School of Art and Design. “It’s essentially set up as a design problem: make a garment that’s wearable by a human made out of anything but fabric.”

This year’s theme is “All Things Great and Small,” which students use to determine what relevant and meaningful outfit to create. Because a lot of time and effort goes into the project, students work in pairs or groups of three. When it’s time to present the finished piece, one student per group must model it for the show.

“The goal is for the garment to stay together and stay on them as they walk the catwalk,” laughs Brantmeier.

New to the program this year are two $1,000 scholarships that will be awarded to the winning students. The department is currently fundraising for the money, which is mostly being donated by alumni of the Art and Design program and UW–Stout alumni that simply want to support students.

“This is a super dynamic event, and people get it. It’s fun, and they want to support it,” says Brantmeier. “Plus, they’re impressed by it since it’s sort of a self-sustaining project.”

Because the show charges admission, the program is able to pay for itself. Brantmeier stresses that the show isn’t a profit-making endeavor and that all the money made from sales is used to pay for the event.

“It’s always held on family weekend, and it always sells out,” she says. “We now have an overflow room where we have live streaming so people can pay just a couple dollars to watch it there.”

Sophomore Brittany Peterson is one of the students participating in the show. Her group is inspired by unknown creatures in the ocean.

“We’re creating a mermaid engulfed in a wave,” she explained. “The biggest challenge we are having is to actually make it look like water by using different materials.”

Peterson loves seeing everyone’s different ideas and thinks that students should attend the show because it’s a great way to see all the hard work that went into making the walking sculptures.

“It’s a place to come and see the unexpected,” encourages Brantmeier. “It’s just a whole lot of fun to see how art and design students can solve problems with extraordinary limitations.”

An after-show party will be held in the Terrace where guests can get a close-up look at the outfits, enjoy light refreshments and listen to UW–Stout’s jazz ensemble.

The show starts  at 8 p.m. in the Great Hall of the Memorial Student Center. Tickets are now on sale on the UW–Stout website and at the MSC Service Center. Student tickets are $6, staff and faculty tickets are $7.50 and public tickets are $9.50.

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