By Devon Cavic —

Yik Yak is the anonymous social media app taking college campuses by storm. The app is currently used at over 1,600 campuses across the nation.

Yik Yak, unlike other social media sites, does not require a username. With Yik Yak you simply input your phone number, and you will see Yaks from everyone in a ten-mile radius. Cam Mullen is the lead community developer at Yik Yak, and he sees the app as a way to spread information in an area.

“Yik Yak should act like a modern day town square where anyone can communicate with people around him or her,” Mullen said.

Two college students from Furman University created the app.

“Co-founders Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington identified a need to create conversations and build communities without prerequisites, such as prior relationships or connections,” Mullen said.

The anonymity of the app sets it apart from other social media apps available.

“There’s an easy flow of information that you can’t get when you’re limited by who you’re following or who you’re friends with,” Mullen said.

The app allows college students to put themselves out there without the risk. It also allows students who wouldn’t necessarily be friends to connect through something they both enjoy. Some users utilize the app in a negative way, but Mullen and his team are working on finding ways to reinforce positive uses of the app on campuses.

To promote their app, Yik Yak started a nationwide paid internship program for campus rep positions at college campuses. Katie Krueger is the campus rep for the University of Wisconsin–Stout.

Krueger promotes the app by holding table events in the MSC that feature games and Yik Yak merchandise prizes to spread the word about the app and get students involved with the brand.

“I was surprised by the number of people that asked, “how did you get this job?” Krueger said. “People thought I worked for Yik Yak.”

In return for promoting their brand,, Krueger receives resume-worthy experience working with college students and is increasing her person-to-person interaction skills.

“College students are so diverse, and it’s fun seeing what works with different students,” Krueger said.

Part of her internship also involves relaying feedback the students give her about the company to her bosses. The feedback helps the company focus on what they need to change to create a more positive experience for their users.

Look for Krueger at the MSC to win prizes and learn more about Yik Yak. Until then, download the app and find your herd.


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