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The Furlong Gallery is currently showing hundreds of color pastels done by artist and former University of Wisconsin–Stout professor, Charles Wimmer. The showing will continue until its closing reception on Dec. 16.

Wimmer has been creating this pastel artwork since his retirement in 2001. He was also one of the original pioneers of the art department after it began in 1965. His art pieces show an evolution starting with flowers and later to pieces similar to Giorgio Morandi’s bottle art.

Wimmer was involved in much more than just teaching in the art program. Having been a professor in England, he had connections that allowed him to assist in the development of foreign exchange programs at UWStout. For 16 years, he did a summer program to bring 15 UWStout students with him to London. This began in 1996 and continued 10 years after his retirement. He also helped with the coordination of a faculty exchange program. Over the years, 15 English professors temporarily switched positions with English professors from England, broadening their work experience.


Wimmer was a large part of making the art programs at UWStout successful. He believes that two ingredients have helped make the School of Art and Design the biggest undergraduate Bachelor’s of Fine Arts program at UWStout: “Faculty that cared and students that are hard working.” These two ingredients closely follow the hands-on nature of UW–Stout. Most students are here because they want to be here.

It can be difficult to imagine being dedicated to art for an entire lifetime. For Wimmer, his love of art kept him driven. “Love to do it, just love! You gotta have such a sheer love. Nobody should do anything or be forced to do anything in life that they don’t love. A job isn’t a job, it isn’t work if you love what you’re doing,” finished Wimmer.  

If you’re interested in seeing a passionate artist’s work, then make sure to check out Charles Wimmer’s art in the Furlong Gallery before Dec. 16.


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