Brody Pierce

As we make our way back on campus for classes this year, returners may have noticed the vacant storefront of Harvey Hall Café, located on the first floor of Harvey Hall. A hotspot for students waiting for their next class, where they can eat, caffeinate and work on homework, is now closed off from use. 

How can this be? Well, the answer is rather simple. According to Justin Krahn, Director of University Dining Services, it’s due to the current staffing shortages occurring in Dining Services and across the university system. “It isn’t just Harvey Hall being temporarily closed but we also have other retail locations which are closed or have abbreviated,” Krahn said, “Our main goal at the moment is to make sure we concentrate on our residential students on campus and move to opening other locations as we fill positions.”

Dining Services hopes for more applicants later in the semester or the year. However, staffing shortages have been affecting local businesses, as well as shipping jobs, through supply chains across the country. 

It certainly seems that COVID-19 yet continues to run its toll upon businesses both big and small. “COVID-19 has been a big issue for us. We are fortunate enough that we haven’t had to close our cafeterias due to COVID-19, but it currently is and has created some major staffing issues,” Krahn commented, expressing concern for the other on-campus jobs falling to the same fate. 

Dining Services hopes to open up its other locations as soon as possible when more staff are hired, and supplies allow. Krahn encourages students to get involved and fill out an application. “Blue Devils helping Blue Devils,” as he puts it. Pay is $9/hr, student managers getting $11/hr, with any who work hours from now until October 3 getting an additional $2/hr above their regular pay. 

Dining Services

Other benefits can be found on the Dining Services website. So, if you’re looking for a way to make money during this school year check it out. 

The Harvey Hall Café area will remain closed till further notice. Though the possibility of opening up the area for community use is under discussion.