By Kelly Senter:

With the proper license, anyone can hunt deer in residential areas. In fact, the City of Menomonie can choose to extend the duration of bow season outside of the dates already set up by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. So to all you hunters out there in Menomonie: it’s legal to pull out your bow and arrow to try to bag yourself a deer this time of year. However, there are a few things that you need to do and to have before hunting.

If someone has at least one acre of land, he or she is permitted to hunt on it. If not, multiple landowners can pool their land together to reach the acre quota. Multiple hunters are only permitted to hunt if the land is separated between owners or totals five acres or more. All hunts must by authorized by the City of Menomonie.

Residential hunting is also regulated by the city’s nuisance permits, which only lets hunters bag antlerless deer. According to the City of Menomonie Deer Herd Control Archery Hunt, “All hunters are encouraged to harvest antlerless deer. However, if hunting with a nuisance tag, only antlerless deer may be harvested.”

There are precautions to keep the critters safe, such as restrictions on bow size and regulations against bait hunting and the use of poisoned arrows. More importantly, there are precautions to keep the people around you safe. One of these is that hunters must shoot down.

The City of Menomonie states that hunters must “hunt from an elevated stand of not less than five feet above ground level.”

Shooting towards the ground helps prevent accidental shootings of neighbors and other undesirable targets.

There is also some additional paperwork required to obtain a residential hunting licence including a Hunter’s Safety Permit, WDNR Archery License and written permission from your adjoining neighbors. All applicants must submit to a background check issued by the WDNR and the Menomonie Police Department. Once the paperwork is filed, applicants are tested for archery proficiency to prove that they aren’t a danger to their neighborhood.

After all of these steps are successfully completed hunters of Menomonie may hunt outside of the preset dates the WDNR established at the beginning of the year. Good luck out there hunters.

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