Johnny Thunder-

Last week, Blue Devil Productions (BDP) brought in a number of Midwest pop punk bands to play at the MSC on Thursday, Dec 7. The night featured Kayak Jones and Rally Cap, with local support from Wisconsin-based band Yearless.

Yearless opened the show. The four-piece plays energetic pop punk and draws influences from bands like Turnover, Citizen and Neck Deep. Yearless played new tracks from their recently released EP.

The unsigned quintet Rally Cap also featured their new music. The band hails from the Twin Cities, and put out their single, “Complacent,” late last year. Their music can be found on Rally Cap’s Youtube channel.

Kayak Jones put out their first EP, “Drugs,” in 2015 and have been touring ever since. At the show, the band played many songs off of their new EP “Sort Out Your Head” and included their single, “Matter,” midway through their set. The band put on a very energetic show and had many passersby turning heads throughout the night.

“I like going to local shows because of the sense of community between people who have the same taste in music,” said freshman Jessica Horkan.

This show was Kayak Jones bassist Ben Dunegan’s last. The audience gave a very long applause at the end of the set as a thank you to the bandmate. “I need a real job to pay off my house now. I’m married too. I guess it’s just time to grow up,” he said. The band plans to find a new bassist in the near future to fill Dunegan’s role. Kayak Jones plans to head to the studio come the spring of 2018 to work on new material.

Check out all of the bands on Spotify and Bandcamp.