Megan Hazuga


Returning students may recall the rumors that circulated last semester surrounding the potential arrival of a Chipotle to Menomonie. The rumors were not true, but since then there have been several new arrivals around town that may replace the heartbreak that was felt after “Chipotle-gate”.


The first of the new arrivals is Erbert and Gerbert’s, a sandwich franchise based out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. They took the place of an old gas-station, now located right across Main Campus. The restaurant is easily accessible to students that want a break from on campus-dining. The new business is also a potential for job opportunities for students looking to work part-time.

Just up the hill, you’ll find the brand-new Tabby’s Catfean exciting new spot for students to enjoy their morning coffee, work on homework and play with cats! The ‘catfe’ features several cats in a separate room of the cafe, from the Dunn County Humane Society, all available for adoption from the humane society. Not only can students have a relaxing place to wind down between classes, but they can enjoy some furry companionship they may not have at home.


The removal of some of Menomonie’s oldest buildings earlier this year sparked controversy, but the new hotels that are being built in their place are an exciting addition to our tiny town. The Cobblestone Inn is currently being constructed next to the Mabel Tainter, and a brand new Hampton Inn has been built near the Dollar Tree in town.


The new school year is always an exciting time for both new and returning students, and the growing amount of new businesses in town is sure to offer even more opportunities to expand our community.


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