By Kelly Senter

There is a new organization at the University of Wisconsin–Stout with a more military bend to it: Army Reserve Officer Training Corps.

“There are many misconceptions about the Army and Army ROTC, and I think our organization can serve as a vehicle to allow members who are not affiliated or who are interested in the military to engage with other members in meaningful discussion,” said Lt. Col. K. Dave Pindell, leader of the new student organization.

One of the misconceptions is that the goal of ROTC is to train its members for combat or a future stint in the military, but that’s not the case here. It is not limited to people in military science programs, veterans or people joining the military. Everyone is encouraged to participate regardless of future career plans, past careers or majors. As long as you want to improve your leadership abilities and help the community, you’re welcome in this new organization.

“Service is so important to our society, and people forget that there are other ways to serve your community and nation outside the military,” said Pindell.

Helping the community is the main purpose of the Army ROTC organization. Currently, this club is working with the Veterans’ Club on the Warrior Charity Challenge. They just got their feet under them, so they aren’t as busy at the moment. But according to club member Ian Dahm, that is about to change.

“Next fall much more will be happening like Homecoming events and the Backyard Bash,” said Dahm.

Currently, there are roughly 40 members of this brand new group, and Pindell hopes to see their numbers grow as more students learn about their organization and the benefits of joining.

“We also hope that the organization builds leadership skills, character, trust, confidence and lifelong friendships,” said Pindell.

Meetings are held every Thursday from 9 to 10 a.m. in the Communication Technologies building.

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