Bryce Parr –

Rosalie Mattair is a University of Wisconsin-Stout junior studying entertainment design with a concentration in comics and sequential art. Mattair is a resident of Sussex, Wisconsin but originally hailed from Jacksonville, Florida.

What sparked your interest in art and design?

Nothing sparked it. It’s just always been there.

What styles or mediums do you prefer?

I draw everything with black outlines, usually with ink and sometimes add color either digitally or with watercolors. I draw in a style that I think is a good balance between realistic and cartoony.

Do you take influence from any artists or designers in particular?

My biggest artistic influence is probably Jamie Hewlett.

Are there any projects that stood out during your career at Stout?

Not projects so much as classes. The ones that I have found the most interesting are my comics and painting classes. I have found the projects in those classes to be the most relevant to what I’m trying to do.

Have you done any internships or projects outside of academia? What are your plans after graduation?

First, I’m going to try to get my senior comic published. In general, I want to be an illustrator and comic artist, although I don’t have specific plans for how I’m going to do that yet.