The Raw Deal merchandise extension will replace what used to be Tooskies, a store for infant products.

Shannon Hoyt 


In light of expansions gradually transforming once small towns, Menomonie has become a thriving city populated with locally owned cafes, restaurants and merchandise outlets.  


The Raw Deal, located on Broadway in Menomonie, has recently begun extending their outreach. What was once known as Tooskies, is now a space for opportunity and creativity: a room that will provide an additional Raw Deal experience.  


Though the location will have a separate entrance, the space will still emanate a familiar Raw Deal atmosphere with a fresh twist.  


“Basically it is going to be an expansion of our retail [merchandise],” said Raw Deal Events Coordinator, Amber Georgakopoulos. “We’ve been wanting to do artist’s prints for different beer series, or have more T-shirts and sweatshirts, and glassware and mugs.”

Tooskies 2
The extension will offer a variety of products unified by aa regional theme.

Not only will the Raw Deal be exhibiting personal commodities, but will also market the local art and music scene. The Raw Deal has hosted a variety of talented artists in and around the area. The store will offer an efficient way to display and sell their personal merchandise, whether it be CD’s, photographs, apparel, literature or even jewelry.


“We will be offering downtown Menomonie a place to not only celebrate creativity, but a place to unearth the perfect mix of beauty and quirk when shopping for a perfect gift item,” said Morgan Fedderly, co-owner and marketing manager of the Raw Deal.


Georgakopoulos and Fedderly hope to give local artists extra exposure.

The two have also made tremendous progress with the space and its intentions.


“We have been able to make most of the big decisions about transforming the space ourselves,” added Fedderly. “Since the inception, Amber and I have had freedom to mix our artistic styling with our own individual retail experience, managerial skills, and personal connections, as we work to develop a space that celebrates the diversity and talent in our community.”
The store is expected to be opened by May.  



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